Wednesday, March 23, 2016

January 2016

We started the year off with a huge day. First up was the US Bontanic Garden to see their train display with Ashley, Tim, Soren, and Shaw and then after our annual picnic by the Capital Relecting Pool we headed to the Renwick Gallery to see WONDER. After that we started at Riverbend Park and hiked a couple miles to Great Falls with the Little family. Pappy even caught up to us, after doing a 10k that morning. Our fun continued that night for movies/games at the Littles. Gym fail! I forgot my shoes and had to workout in my boots! Actually I ditched them halfway through BodyPump because my feet were so hot! Church started at 3 so we had lots of time for Sunday morning walks. We were so excited for these snowflakes, not knowing what was about to hit us... Mara's first birthday! Truman helped me put the blueberries in her whipped cream. I was expecting him to make a straight line "1" but he did it his own way. She started off by daintily placing blueberries in her mouth but it didn't take long... Snowzilla!! Just shy of two feet of snow fell in two days. And there was no school for almost two weeks. The girls had their first piano recital the last Saturday of January. We loved have Mr. Mikhail come to our house every week for lessons!

Friday, January 22, 2016

December 2015

The girls got to go to another horse camp in December, thank Kenz! It was the same day as the Christmas party at church.Such a cute sheep. It's a rite of passage that when a girl turns eight she graduates from playing an animal to an angel. Any guesses on Truman's favorite color? The girls got to go to Williamsurg with Grandmama & Pappy before Christmas. They loved it and are lucky to have such generous grandparents. The t-shirt weather continued as we went to see the Gaylord Hotel at National Harbor one night. Shawney & Ben!! At the visitor's center. Does Mara have a guilty look on her face? I didn't realize she was within reach of the Sugar Shack box! It didn't even occur to me. I was in the other room supervising the construction of gingerbread houses and came in to find her helping herself :) We've got the best hiking guides to take us fun places, like Bear's Den. Can't remember the mileage on this one...maybe 2.5??

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

November 2015

We started November by taking a Sunday afternoon walk at Huntley Meadows after stake conference. We also (finally) went to Flight Trampoline Park because that's what Brooklee & Dallyn chose for their family birthday activity. Saturdays were full of soccer for twins, gymnastics class for Adriel, and birthday parties for all. Sometimes I got to trail run during Adriel's class. One day I found a pedestrian bridge over the beltway. The next two days were teacher workdays so we went to Tyler's jobsite and then on to Teddy Roosevelt Island. The weather was unseasonably warm--we BBQ'd with the Olsens on Nov 6! And there was a lot of outdoor play. We love our neighborhood! Mara turned ten months and finally started to crawl on hands and knees. The Mighty Minions soccer team had a great season with coach Brent! It sure was hard to tell these girls apart on the field. I would tell Brent who had two pigtails vs. one ponytail or different color headband, etc. But they both are super aggressive! Oh, and one day I found this duplo in the freezer. Brooklee and Dallyn had been learning about the states of matter and did a little experiment! Finished off the month with a lovely Friendsgiving!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

October 2015

We started October with Truman's birthday--but didn't really do much to celebrate on the actual day. We had gymnastics and a soccer game in the morning and then General Conference all afternoon. Plus we were waiting for the grandparents to come and help us eat the cake!Sunday morning four-mile walk at Huntley Meadows. Notice that Truman is wearing the gladiator costume that Katy got him for his birthday. We headed to Cox Farms one day for their spectacular slides! Finally, the birthday--Truman requested a fire truck cake. He had a design in his mind and was specific about where to place the candy that he had picked out. Mara turned nine months and continue scooting around and started pulling herself to standing. We loved having Bart & Sharon here for a full week! When Sharon wasn't making dinner or doing dishes they were able to go tour the Capital and see Tyler's job site. They took us out to dinner one night and everyone loved their first taste of Thai food. The kids love the special treat from Grandma & Grandpa of eating at a restaurant. We also took Grandma & Grandpa to Hidden Pond and to an endowment session at the temple. Adriel is in fourth grade and is studying Virginia history. During Columbus Day weekend Grandmama and Pappy took her (just her!) to Williamsburg and Jamestown so she could see the sights. She's wearing a dress that my mom sewed for me when I was in fourth grade! While Tyler did home improvement projects on Saturdays the kids and I went to Great Country Farms and the Washington International Horse Show. One day Truman helped him install two windows in the laundry room.We ended the month at the ward Chili Cook-off and Trunk or Treat. Some families go all out with creative, themed costumes and I just google punny costumes. So I was a bag of eminems, Adriel was a candy "wrapper", Truman and Dallyn went the traditional route with Spiderman and Cinderella, Mara had a candy corn skirt, Brooklee was Fantasy Football, and Tyler and Nate Olsen went dressed up as each other.