Wednesday, February 11, 2015


October and November were filled with soccer practices and games.Brooklee enjoyed the social aspect of the practices and tolerated the games. Dallyn proved to be aggressive and competitve in going after the ball. Truman was at the sidelines, keeping himself busy with sticks and tricks. Adriel won't be playing soccer again. She enjoyed practices but hated the games. She never did learn the rules very well and was very hesitant to approach the ball. This was her one and only time to be goalie--only because she begged the coach. The after-game treats were her motivation to keep it up :)

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Dolphin Birthday Party

Family celebration with mini cupcakes and cookie dough ice cream. Brooklee's got a little choke-hold on Lauren! Olivia and Truman test out his new sheets from Grandmama and Pappy. Ocean water, goldfish crackers, and dolphin bananas. Can't go wrong with PB&J! The easiest birthday "cake" ever. Party games included catching goldfish crackers in your mouth, jumping through a hula hoop like a dolphin, and pin the tail on the dolphin. Guests also used perler beads in ocean shapes and decorated their goody bags.

Friday, February 6, 2015

September 2014

Adriel, 3rd grade, Ms. Adams Dallyn, 1st grade, Mrs. Larson Brooklee, 1st grade, Miss Rabil First Day of School pics--on the mini-excavator, naturally. Clark had an outdoor showing of Frozen one Friday night. Adriel was excited to try the zipline--until it came time to let go. I think she was up there for almost ten minutes and cried the whole ride. The next day was the annual Clark picnic. Hopefully the signage doesn't reflect anything about the company. Truman was excited for his turn to start preschool. Four friends and I take turns hosting. He was pretty upset the first day when I picked him up and headed home. He insisted that he hadn't been to preschool--"that wasn't preschool, that was Peter's house!"

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Rest of August 2014

After a couple weeks in Utah it was time to come home. Tyler had flown home and Grandmama had thankfully appointed herself co-driver/kid-wrangler. Cousin Lauren was also with us again, although I'm sure she was re-thinking her decision at this point! Memories from this trip included a stop at Winter Quarters and me physically breaking up a fight between Adriel and Brooklee. The kids swam at each of the two hotels and we had so much leftover food from Park City that we didn't buy a single meal while driving. I bought some grapes at a grocery store once but that was it! We pulled into Ashburn at 11:30 pm the third day but were happy to be (almost) home! Adriel made this battle between cicada shells and dead cicadas. We hurried home to spend time with the Bork's, who were staying at our house. The rest of the month was spent doing end-of-summer things: haircuts, lots of pool time, and using up the last of our library coupons at Pirate's Cove, a Potamac Nationals game, and Noodles. Tyler ran the VA Super at Wintergreen again--this time the weather was chilly and misty. Our condo had an amazing view of the ski slopes and mountains but the whole weekend we just saw a big cloud. I was five months pregnant here, and chose to volunteer and earn a free race for later when I could actually climb over walls and up a rope without my belly getting in the way. Tyler rented a mini-excavator to level out our front yard, which made someone really happy. Grandma Holmes, Cousin Katie, and the Little family joined us for a day at Shark Tooth Beach for a farewell to summer.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Park City Fun!

Eight cousins, a grandmama, and two aunts spent a couple days in Park City. The highlight was the Alpine Slide, and all the fun things to do there. Thousands of other people had the same idea so we waited in a lot of lines. And had to lug these heavy things to the start of the slide. Twins' topknots courtesy of Auntie Page--as are these pics--she's the best! We also did a TON of walking between the condo and other activities. Cousins in cones! Now every time we go to a park Truman has the expectation that it will have a sand pit and backhoe. Sorry, buddy. No vacation is complete without cramming everyone into a hot tub!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Canyon Fun!

One fun day was spent playing in South Fork Canyon. The girls playing some make-believe game. Truman wanted to see the hide-out across the creek but was too scared (and cold!) to cross the water. Josh was so sweet to carry him.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

SLC Fun!

We spent a (LONG) really fun day in Salt Lake. First stop was the Hogle Zoo--and thanks to Marci we were able to ride the train and carousel. Multiple times. My heart melted when Truman said, "Mom, you ride the elephant wif me?" The bird show was a big hit! Adriel's love for hawks and falcons increased ten-fold. After dinner at In-N-Out we met up with the Erickson's at Temple Square. Adriel and Aidan were best buddies during the first two years of their lives as Angeana and I took daily walks around the neighborhood. That's a lot of kids! We closed down the children's portion of the Church History Museum and finally made it back to Payson around 11 that night.