Tuesday, May 12, 2015

March 2015

We started off the month of March with our 8th, 9th and 10th snow day of the year. One day Truman and Pappy made a snow man and Truman named it Wreckin' Ball. Pretty sure that came from a story that Pappy had told--and a lot of things were wreckin' ball for awhile. Every morning and after naps he would look out the window to check on Wreckin' Ball. In this picture I think he's saying "Hey Wreckin' Ball, your head falled off!" Adriel went to school on her birthday--unlike last year. She had a Harry Potter themed party. Tyler made cool wands with chop sticks and hot glue--but this picture is BEFORE he painted them so the finished product was even cooler. He makes my pinterest dreams happen :) We decorated balloons to look like owls, did some Harry Potter trivia, and played Quidditch. The butterbeer was delicious, and Adriel wanted the cake to be green on the outside because Slytherin is her favorite. (What?!) The inside was pretty cool! The party continued all day, as we had a house-full of Holmes! Dixon was in town so the rest of the East Coasters came to see him for an afternoon. And hold baby Mara. And eat Cafe Rio :) Truman's in the weird stage where he needs a nap most days but sometimes it makes him stay up until 10 pm. Or he just sleeps on the couch. I went across the street to give some cookies to my neighbor and this is what greeted me when I came back. We go all out for crazy hair day! Fun to see each girl start with a vision for their hair and then have to figure out how to explain it to me! The girls were so excited for this Frozen party for Sofia, our neighbor. And we closed March with a Spring Break trip to the beach!!

Monday, May 11, 2015

February 2015

Since this having-a-baby-with-hair thing is new to me I wanted to document the growth. Smiles! Life gets a lot better with baby smiles. And sleep. During Mara's first week home from the hospital there were two nights where she went five hours between feedings. Both times Tyler was holding her so it wasn't authentic and didn't stick but it sure was nice. By seven weeks old she regularly had five hour stretches at night. Ready for school! First time to church. Truman continued to love on Mara at every chance. The snow finally melted and the kids went back to school and started playing outside.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Blessing

As a teensy eight-day-old Mara was blessed. We were so happy that so many people could participate in her big debut: Grandmama & Pappy, Mackenzie & Beau, Grandma & Grandpa Holmes, Danna, Chris & Laurne, Kitti, Justin, Grace & Camille. Danna and Sharon were so great to make a lovely meal and bring it all the way from Maryland! Mara wore the same booties that Grandmama wore and the dress that I (and Brooklee and Adriel) wore. I wore Gram's jacket so we had clothing from four generations!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Mara is born!

Last pregnancy shot--possibly ever?! This was my first induction. After one false-alarm trip to the hospital and endless nights of worry about getting someone to watch the kids and getting to the hospital I decided to go the induction route. I was afraid of another Truman-sized baby! At 41w2d I checked into the hospital at 8 am. It seemed to take forever until everything was set up and Pitcin was started around 12pm. I checked in with regular (minor) contractions and they continued without progress until 3. My doctor offered to break the water then, and after an hour of intense contrations Mara was born around 5:30! She was 8 lbs. 12 oz. We were baffled by her dark hair!! They measured her at 22 in. but I think that was a little over since three days later at the doctor's office she was only 21 1/4". We left the hospital the next evening. We were anxious to bring Mara home and get back to the other children. Because of flu season they weren't allowed to come to the hospital and they were anxious to meet her! Big thanks to Grandmama & Pappy and the Olsens who kept everyone alive at home.

Monday, March 23, 2015

January 2015

Before Mara was born we had a flurry of cleaning/organizing activity, mostly thanks to motivation from others. On New Year's Day the Olsens came over and thouroughly cleaned the house. Nate took a break to apply makeup. Another day Katy came over to help me make this gift for Tyler's parents. It shows where everyone in the family has served a mission! My mom also came over multiple snow days and painted the kitchen, organized every closet in my house, and vacuumed every crevice. She also swept the floor 1,000 times. Clemyjontri Park is always a blast! Pappy helped Truman say the Article of Faith in Primary. Truman was very proud of his person.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Truman Turns Three! (and Halloween)

Truman, Katie and I went to visit Tyler at his jobsite and then on to the zoo for his birthday! No picture of Halloween costumes this year! Whoops. I can't even remember what everyone was for various outings! But here is some food from our spooky food feast. No picture of Halloween costumes this year! Whoops. I can't even remember what everyone was for various outings! But here is some food from our spooky food feast. I made mummy dogs and mummy fingers. Adriel made a veggie skeleton. Grandmama made scary eyeballs and witch fingers!