Tuesday, August 23, 2016

VA2UT Day 3 *AL*MS*LA*

Tyler dropped the car off first thing that morning at a tire place and now I can't remember if we replaced two or four tires. I enjoyed a nice run through the quaint city of Birmingham while Tyler cooked a great breakfast before Shawney had to head to work. I was on the fence but Tyler insisted that we go to an alligator place that day. I'm glad he makes me stop and smell the flowers sometimes :) All the girls wanted a chance to save Mara from sudden death. Dallyn Brooklee Adriel Notice the lack of hoodies--this trip took us from winter to spring to summer and back to winter! Alligator Alley was a fun stop and we're glad we went! Since it was still February the alligators weren't as active as during the summer months but we basically had the place to ourselves. It was so interesting to see the marshes and scenery in the South. We stopped that night in Slidel, LA.

VA2UT Days 1&2 *VA*NC*

The Olsens were so kind to convince us to stay with them the last night. I obviously had no idea how hard it is to pack up a house and should have stayed with them more than one night like they offered!Last day of school! We pulled out of our driveway around 6 pm on Thursday, February 18, only an hour behind schedule. We did have to stop at the pharmacy to pick up a prescription for Tyler. While I waited he went over to a tire shop to put air in one of the tires that was low. Grandmama & Pappy were such a huge help that whole week and we were crying as we left them in the driveway. They wanted us to spend the night with them and start fresh in the morning but we didn't want the extra driving time. We felt so loved by thoughtful gifts from friends and neighbors. One kind sister gave each child a new backpack full of wrapped books, activities, and candy for the ride--plus two new dresses each! Waze took us through a bunch of neighborhoods to avoid I-95 traffic and it worked pretty well. Around 9 pm that night Mara was crying pretty hard but I thought she was just tired. A little bit later we turned on the lights so the kids could eat a treat and discovered that she had thrown up all over herself and the carseat! We cleaned it up on the side of the interstate in the dark and got to our hotel in Greensboro, NC (not positive on the city) a couple hours later.
First fun stop of the trip was Lazy 5 Ranch. The kids and I had been twice with Page and were so excited to show Tyler all the cool animals. After the petting zoo, wagon ride, and car loop we headed on the road. We stopped in South Carolina to get Cook Out for dinner and continued driving into the night through Georgia and Alabama. Around 9 pm that night we got a flat tire (no, not the one that was leaking air!) and again found ourselves on the side of the highway in the dark. This time everyone had to get out of the car and the kids were a little nervous about getting too close to the scary forest while Tyler and I kept trying to keep them far away from I-20. We had to unload most of the back of the van to reach the tire changing stuff and the captain chair area to get the spare. We had planned to go a little farther that night but since we were only an hour from Shawney and Ben they graciously offered to host us that night.
Hotel Walters gets five stars for creating sleeping accommodations for seven people on short notice! Adriel slept on a loveseat, Dallyn on a couch, and Brooklee was under the dining area table! Truman slept right in front of the front door and Mara's crib fit just perfectly in the kitchen. Tyler and I were on an air mattress. It was cozy and a couple times during the night I found either Dallyn on Adriel creeping into our bed since the air mattress touched both couches.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

February 2016--House pics!

What to say about February?! It was a blur of getting the house ready to sell and the family ready to move! We had many appointments--all went to the dentist, doctor, eye doctor, etc. in anticipation of changing insurance.
One day we had just gotten back from check-ups for Adriel and Mara and Dallyn was opening a can of green beans for dinner when her hand slipped and off she and Tyler went to urgent care for some glue. Lots of last-times...Disney on Ice at the Verizon Center in the Clark suite, family dinners, etc.
We even managed to re-create this pic, which was became a tradition here. Exterior: (I don't have a before but just picture the grass spotty and gross and a sloped yard with NO ROCK WALL!) Entryway/Living Room before: Entryway/Living Room after: "Dining Room" before: (It was really just a weird nook off of the kitchen.) Dining Room: (Again, no before pic because this was a bedroom!) Master Bedroom before: Master Bedroom after: Master Bath before: Master Bath after: Kitchen before: Kitchen after: Hall bath after: Downstairs after:

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

January 2016

We started the year off with a huge day. First up was the US Bontanic Garden to see their train display with Ashley, Tim, Soren, and Shaw and then after our annual picnic by the Capital Relecting Pool we headed to the Renwick Gallery to see WONDER. After that we started at Riverbend Park and hiked a couple miles to Great Falls with the Little family. Pappy even caught up to us, after doing a 10k that morning. Our fun continued that night for movies/games at the Littles. Gym fail! I forgot my shoes and had to workout in my boots! Actually I ditched them halfway through BodyPump because my feet were so hot! Church started at 3 so we had lots of time for Sunday morning walks. We were so excited for these snowflakes, not knowing what was about to hit us... Mara's first birthday! Truman helped me put the blueberries in her whipped cream. I was expecting him to make a straight line "1" but he did it his own way. She started off by daintily placing blueberries in her mouth but it didn't take long... Snowzilla!! Just shy of two feet of snow fell in two days. And there was no school for almost two weeks. The girls had their first piano recital the last Saturday of January. We loved have Mr. Mikhail come to our house every week for lessons!