Tuesday, June 28, 2016

February 2016--House pics!

What to say about February?! It was a blur of getting the house ready to sell and the family ready to move! We had many appointments--all went to the dentist, doctor, eye doctor, etc. in anticipation of changing insurance.
One day we had just gotten back from check-ups for Adriel and Mara and Dallyn was opening a can of green beans for dinner when her hand slipped and off she and Tyler went to urgent care for some glue. Lots of last-times...Disney on Ice at the Verizon Center in the Clark suite, family dinners, etc.
We even managed to re-create this pic, which was became a tradition here. Exterior: (I don't have a before but just picture the grass spotty and gross and a sloped yard with NO ROCK WALL!) Entryway/Living Room before: Entryway/Living Room after: "Dining Room" before: (It was really just a weird nook off of the kitchen.) Dining Room: (Again, no before pic because this was a bedroom!) Master Bedroom before: Master Bedroom after: Master Bath before: Master Bath after: Kitchen before: Kitchen after: Hall bath after: Downstairs after:

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